Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I’m in Beta hell

Sometimes I wish I could just leave well enough alone…. but that would be someone else’s life not mine. In a moment of stupidity I switched my blog to the new (and not completely improved) Google Beta version. As you can see if you look at my sidebar, I am missing a few elements (like my Diabetes OC and Super Diabetics navigation bar) and this beta version is not yet set up for html editing which I would have known if I had had my snack and had read the entire description. Yes I’m blaming it on low BG and yes that IS the story I’m sticking with.

To comment on my blog until they fix this thing (or I get fed up and move my blog somewhere else) you will need to comment as anonymous….unless you are also in beta hell right along with me….in which case….what the hell were YOU thinking?


Kerri. said...

This is bizarre - what's the deal with Beta? When did Blogger go under the knife like this?

I'm very glad I've switched to the dot com. Who knows how I could have destroyed my blogger site. Now the only person responsible for making a disaster of my site is ME. (Which I do. Every single day.) :)

Gisela said...

I have not the good technical mind you my sweet daughter have, but one thing is sure, it will take tripple magnification and a color test for me to read your blog. One way to keep MOM out on the limb??
I love you and I know that you will fix this mess!! I have faith in you!!!